Angsana Resort&Spa Velavaaru

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Angsana Resort&Spa Velavaaru
Imagine an island thousands of miles away, with palm trees, golden beaches and a crystal-clear turquoise lagoon shimmering in the tropical sun. Angsana Velavaru is widely considered virgin territory when it comes to tourism. Many of its dive sites, reefs and islands are virtually untouched. Discover the wealth of experiences that the atoll has to offer, from island hopping and dolphin watching to snorkeling safaris and night fishing. The 3 restaurants offer Asian and Mediterranean flavors, exotic cocktails and appetite-whetting gourmet cuisines. Dive into a world of marine life by exploring the colorful house reefs of Angsana Velavaru. The magnificent dhoni-shaped wedding chapel is the ideal venue for non-denominational wedding ceremonies.
Travel Time From Male By Seaplane : 45 Minutes
Angsana Resort&Spa Velavaaru Windsurfing - Catamaran sailing - Parasailing - Canoeing - Water skiing - Wake boarding - Ringo and banana boat riding - Beach volleyball - Library and board games

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Positive :
small island, very private with good service and good food. Ocean Villas are very good
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Activities :
Angsana Spa - Marine and Diving Centre - windsurfing - scuba diving - snorkeling - canoeing - catamaran sailing

Guest Comments:

"The reception area is absolutely stunning, sand floors, wooden decks with comfy seating, great lighting. The rooms are beautifully furnished… and the food is absolutely amazing"
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